It's time to take control of your ticketing

We’ve built a comprehensive suite of ticketing marketplace & issuance tools that supercharge existing platforms or enable new, customizable marketplaces from scratch.

Rocket fuel for ticketing platforms

Take your ticketing solution to the next level with our plugins & features. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver innovation and ultimately a better, faster & more secure experience for customers.

Hyper-flexible ticket issuance

Digital & print-at-home ticket delivery systems for online pre-sales and on-the-door purchases. Activate retail networks to create authorised sales channels & enable cash sales for the world's unbanked populace.

Manage movements with ease

Our digital wallets make ticket scanning & on-site access control easy-as-pie. Create user types & groups and set permissions based on ticket types & add-ons to deliver an operational system that flows. No connectivity? No problem! Offline mode means there's no down-times.

Scalable ticketing without limitations

Looking for a plug and play ticketing platform that just works? With our ready-built, highly customizable platform you can manage & sell tickets & passes for your event, venue or experiential business. It comes with our data-ownership guarantee and the peace-of-mind that your are firmly in the driving seat.

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Marketplace & inventory tools


Create customizable marketplace pages for customers to browse & search event listings, categories & more.

Listings management

Create listings for experiences with custom information & images for each event/booking.

Create ticket types

Unlimited ticket types with full control of inventory and availability

Multi-event series

Tickets that work across multiple events or venues, or individual tickets are automatically issued for each event. Great for season passes or multi-day access redemption.

Online registration

Find out more about your customers with in depth customer registration & intuitive interactive tools that engage.

User login

Users can login to their account which is linked to their digital wallet across all tools & features.

Venue information & maps

Add venue information including maps to help guests find a location.

Digital wallet creation

Digital wallet setup at registration that integrates with all prepaid & hybrid cashless and operational tools.

Seat maps

Multi-Layer SVG seating map allows attendees to pick their own seats

Sponsor showcase

Add sponsor or partner logos & messaging on listings.


Drip-feed ticket availability with a phased ticketing approach via automated scheduling - ideal for early bird.


Tried & tested. Our solution has been used over 11m times across 6 continents globally (Antarctica will have to wait!)

Retail network

Enable sales in physical box offices or partner retail locations with unique reseller logins via the webapp

KYC tools

Enable next-level customer ID verification and enable customers to add medical information or proof of age. Eliminates fraud & touting.


Customise user experience & highlight offers/ticket types based on their personal information.

Smart checkout

Personalised checkout preferences set by the customer.

Package builder

Create bundles or packages and target them at customers based on ther preferences.

Linked accounts

Enable customer to link their other online accounts to login. Login with Facebook, Google, Amazon or Email.

Checkout tools
Ticket issuance & validation

Mobile tickets

Issue tickets directly in your app with API integration or via our next-gen digital wallet solution.

Add to Apple/Google

Enable tickets to be added to Apple & Google wallets to enable a customer journey that’s even sleeker.

Dynamic QR codes

Issue tickets with dynamic QR or barcodes (in any combination) with optional expiry or automated validity within a set time limit.

User verification

Request customer photo ID and add to their digital wallet to help stamp out ID fraud & touting.

Print at home

PDF tickets can be downloaded or sent directly to the customer to print at home and bring with them


Enable customers to collect physical tickets from either the venues box office or a partner retail location.

Personlized emails

Use captured data to customize confirmation emails and check-in SMS.

Badge printing

Design and print custom badges for your guests.

Ticket scanning

Scan & verify tickets or throughout an interaction/engagement.

Fixed readers

Scan tickets on any fixed hardware such as pedestals, turnstiles or self-service kiosks.

Mobile scanners

Scan tickets on any Android mobile device. Ideal for temporary venues or events.

Real-time insights

Watch your guests arriving on the webapp in real time. Monitor pinch points & respond to staff demands with reactive resource management.

Group ticket scanning

Check-in group and family tickets with one scan.

Superfast operations

Ticker verification on the door in as little as 1.7 seconds!

Advanced search

Search for tickets in the app. You can search by customer name, ticket reference number, email and more.

Offline mode

No connectivity? No problem! Our ticket verification app is robust, and works online or offline. Downtime does not impede performance.

Sync across all devices

All your guest data is synchronized across unlimited devices - iOS and Android.

Automated verification

Enable customers to buy or verify tickets with self-service kiosks on location, or verify tickets with turnstiles for fixed venues.

Duplicate ticket detection

When a duplicate barcode is detected the user is notified and you can choose what to do.

Scans all barcode types + NFC

We scan all 1D and 2D barcodes from Code 128 to QR codes plus contactless from smartphones or RFID enabled wristbands.

Guest checkouts

You can check out your guests with a scan or via the guest list and get checked in and checked out statistics.

Transactional access

Enable customers to enter venues or area with the tap of their smartphone, bank card or wristband with automated “transit style” transactional access.

User restrictions

Enable team permissions with customer user roles. Team members only have access to the tools they need to do their jobs, with only team leaders able to manage & approve certain processes.

Device restrictions

Restrict a device to only perform a specific set of actions with our app. Restrict the app to display only certain information to the team member or set the device to only ticket scanning.


Your own ticketing marketplace

Customer registration, booking & checkout tools with secure ticket issuance or ticket aggregation that combines all tickets from across all marketplaces for superfast, streamlined verification with fixed or mobile devices on arrival.

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