Next level operational efficiency

Accreditation, access control & ticket verification. Tools that enable staff welfare & dynamic resource management.

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No connectivity? No problem!

Resilient by design, our transaction & redemption tools work offline to ensure that downtimes or environments with poor connectivity won't hamper operational success.

Access control

Manages movements for any environment

Automate access controls via user roles with custom permissions. Monitor movements around sites in real-time with zonal controls & dynamic management tools. Perfect for customers, attendees & staff operations via one simple suite.

Everything as it happens

Data is visible in real-time – enabling automated & dynamic, responsive operational output that responds to real-time conditions. Smart environments that use tech to deliver new levels in efficiency saving time & money. Resources where you need them, when you need them.

Tickets redeemed


Superfast ticket verification

Faster ingress times, validate tickets & bookings from across platforms & verify validity & ID to eradicate fraud. Flexible tools that work across a range of environments.

Staff tools

Automate staff processes

Automate workload, location & schedules base on real-time information. Enable voucher redemption for meals, perks & welfare. Staff only have access to the tools & locations that they need to complete their job.