Tapaygo, the visionary payments start-up, and Glownet.com, the creators of the world’s first experiential product stack, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to transform the event industry by offering a seamless and integrated experience for Tapaygo’s clients and their attendees.

The partnership between Tapaygo and Glownet.com brings together two industry innovators who share a vision for enhancing event technology. The move will see Tapaygo adopt features and tools offered by Glownet.com’s innovative product stack, providing event organisers with a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline operations, improve security, with an enhanced fan experience.

Tapaygo’s cutting-edge cashless and contactless payment system will be bolstered by Glownet.com’s plugins, enabling event-goers to make quick and secure transactions using RFID wristbands or mobile devices in a unique hybrid solution. They enable promoters with the latest tools in access control, and hybrid/RFID cashless payments.

“By partnering with Glownet.com, we are elevating our event technology to new heights,” said Chris Toich, Co-Founder and Director of Tapaygo. “Together, we will empower event organisers with a comprehensive solution that simplifies operations and delivers a seamless experience for attendees. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionise the event industry.”

Glownet.com’s state-of-the-art product stack offers real-time insights and analytics. By joining forces with Tapaygo, their clients across the UK, Europe and beyond will have access to the benefits of these tools.

“We are excited to partner with Tapaygo and combine our expertise to provide a comprehensive event technology solution,” said James Turner, Senior Vice-President at Glownet.com. “Our integrated platform will not only streamline event operations but also enhance the fan experience with brand loyalty and rewards through digital wallets, with faster transactions and improved security. Together, we will set new standards in event technology.”

Together, the partnership is poised to deliver the next generation event technology.

For more information please visit www.tapaygo.com and www.glownet.com.

About Tapaygo

Tapaygo is a leading provider in cashless and hybrid cutting edge-payment technology, a pioneer of seamless event services on a global scale. The team at Tapaygo enhance event experiences through the delivery of innovative technology into music, sporting and cultural environments. With a delivery track-record of successful deployment for event services at large-scale events with over 50,000+ attendees, from the F1 in the Middle East to the London Olympics 2012. Tapaygo partners with event organisers to empower guests with hassle-free transactions. Tapaygo stands to redefine the landscape of events by setting new standards for payments, creativity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction worldwide.

About Glownet.com

Glownet.com is a global leader in experiential digital products that bridge the gap with the real-world. With its cutting-edge technology, Glownet.com empowers partners to upgrade their product offer in the events, tourism & leisure industries, offering full data ownership with their intuitive data management systems. Glownet.com’s comprehensive event technology solutions have been implemented on over 7,500+ large-scale projects globally, with 11 million unique digital wallets activated.


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